Configure your theme settings

You can edit the look and feel of your website by going to Settings > Theme in the main toolbar. 

If you are setting up a new organisation or in the process of rebranding, it may be helpful to know the best parameters to use for your logo and other visual assets.


The logo will appear in the top left of the website header. Here is some guidance on some ideal attributes for a logo.

  • Roughly a 4:1 ratio (wide rectangle)
  • At least 500px wide
  • PNG format
  • Transparent or white background
  • Minimal text that is clear and readable (avoid straplines)
  • Simple iconography (not overly detailed or intricate)
  • Simple colours

Colour palette

You can select two colours that will be used throughout your website for active elements like text links, buttons and signposts. Variations of these colours can also be used as overlays or backgrounds. It's usually best if the colours are:

  • Dark enough to accept white text on top
  • Dark enough to stand out on a white background
  • Saturated enough to contrast other elements and stand out

We recommend keeping these theme colours focused on making active elements easy to notice and click on. You can easily introduce other colours through images, icons or graphics anywhere in the content.


For website headings, you can choose any font available in the Google Font Library. Just toggle the option from Standard to Extended to see a full list of options.

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