Troubleshoot order and booking issues

Issues may arise with event orders and bookings that need your attention. Here's a summary of some of the common issues you may face and how to deal with them.

Booking record seems to be missing data

When a person completes a booking form their information is saved in two different places. Their name, email address and any other custom field information are saved directly to their contact record and can be edited there. Responses to any questions on your booking form are saved to the booking record.

Order/booking confirmation email not received

The order confirmation email always goes to the email address provided by the person who places the order. This is different from the email addresses entered for each attendee.

Booking confirmation emails are sent to each attendee where an email address was provided. If no email address was provided then no booking confirmation email will be sent.

It is possible that the email was filtered out by the user's email client or got marked as spam/junk.

Booking not associated with the right person

When booking tickets the customer is asked to specify if the tickets are for themselves or someone else. If they select 'Somone else' they will be encouraged to enter an email address for that person. You can choose whether to make this email field required or not. If no email address is provided then the system will not be able to merge the attendee details with any existing contact records in your database. You can manually merge them afterwards if needed.

Booking attendee unknown

A booking record will display key information about the booking and the attendee. However, it is possible for the person's contact record to subsequently be deleted. If this happens then you will usually see Unknown under the attendee label on the booking record.

A record of the submitted fields is shown at the bottom of the booking record. So if you need to recreate a contact record or merge the booking with an existing contact record you can do this.

Booking information incorrect

If a person books a ticket for themselves, or someone else, and provides the wrong information you can edit the booking at any time to correct the details. When you edit a booking you will be provided with all the same questions that are currently set to appear on the online event booking form. So if you had a question previously that you have since deleted from the form, you won't be able to edit the response to that question.

Note that any custom field information that was submitted is saved directly to the person's contact record, not to the booking. So if you need to edit that you can go to the contact record instead.

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