Export data

You can export various different sets of data at any time including:

  • People
  • Organisations
  • Subscriptions
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Submissions
  • Bookings

To start a new export go to Reports > Exports in the main toolbar and click Create new export.

Exporting subsets

You can export all the bookings for a specific event.

  • Go to the manage event page
  • Go to Actions > Export bookings

You can export all the submissions of a particular form.

  • Go to Forms in the main toolbar
  • Choose Go to submissions from the action menu (...) next to your chosen form
  • Click the Export button

It is NOT possible to limit an export of contacts (people or organisations) to those that belong to a particular group or segment. In order to achieve this subset you would need to:

  • Export all contacts
  • Open the CSV file in a spreadsheet and apply filters to achieve the subset you need


Most exports that relate to contacts will include basic information about that contact such as the name, email address and physical address. More detailed information, such as values stored in custom fields, is only included when exporting a list of People or Organisations.

It can sometimes be helpful to cross-reference data in one export with data in another. This often crops up when exporting bookings or subscriptions and you need to reference custom field data. In this case, we usually recommend:

  • Export the bookings, subscriptions or whatever other reports you need
  • Also, export a list of contacts (either people or organisations)
  • Open both in separate sheets in the same spreadsheet document
  • Use a formula such as vlookup or match to cross-reference data between the sheets

Here are some useful articles from the Google Docs Help centre about how to use these functions.

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