Cancel a membership subscription

Cancel a subscription immediately

Members themselves cannot cancel their subscriptions. They need to request that an administrator cancel it for them. An administrator can cancel a member's subscription at any time as follows:

  • Go to the contact record
  • Look in the subscriptions section
  • Choose Cancel membership subscription from the action menu (...)
  • The subscription will be greyed out
  • The status will change to cancelled
  • No attempt will be made to take payment for any unpaid invoices relating to the subscription

You can permanently delete a cancelled subscription if you want to.

Schedule a subscription for cancellation

In some cases you may want the member to retain access to membership privileges but schedule cancellation just before the next renewal date. We don't currently support scheduling cancellation within the White Fuse platform but there are things you can do:

  • If the member pays by card you can schedule cancellation within the Stripe interface. At the next renewal date the subscription status will then change to Cancelled.
  • If the member pays by Direct Debit you can unlink the mandate or cancel the mandate within the GoCardless interface. At the next renewal date the subscription will then change to Overdue for the grace period and then Expired.

If you take either of the actions above the subscription will stay active in White Fuse until the renewal date but no future payments will be taken in relation to the subscription.

Restore a cancelled subscription

An administrator can restore a cancelled subscription within 7 days of cancellation as follows:

  • Go to the contact record
  • Look in the subscriptions section
  • Choose Restore membership subscription from the action menu (...)
  • The status will be recalculated and become either Valid, Overdue or Expired depending on whether existing invoices are paid
Note that when a cancelled subscription is restored the system will attempt to take payment for existing unpaid invoices if there is a saved payment method on file. If the subscription has been cancelled for some time you may wish to cancel the invoices before restoring the subscription to prevent this from happening.
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