Manage spam contacts

All public forms use Google ReCaptcha to combat spam. This stops the majority of spam but unfortunately, we can't block spam entirely because it is often generated by real humans and further measures would hinder real users from submitting forms. 

Simple forms on contact pages are the ones most targeted by spammers as they are easy to find and submit. If you are getting a lot of spam via a form like this you could consider:

  • Making it harder to submit by adding fields
  • Replacing the form with an alternative way of getting in touch
  • Using a different form building tool that won't create contacts in your database

When you do get spam you can delete the records created by logging in as an administrator, finding both the submission and the contact and manually deleting them. This can be time-consuming though so you can just leave them and wait for them to be automatically purged.

We purge spam contacts from the system once a month so you will never move into a new price tier based on spam contacts.

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