Add a photo gallery to a page

If you have lots of photos you would like to add to a page one of the best ways to do this is using Flickr. Flickr lets you upload your photos and organise them into albums. It's then easy to share those albums and embed them on pages of your website.

Upload your photos

  • Go to and create a free account
  • Click the upload (cloud) icon in the main toolbar
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to upload your photos

Create an album

  • Go to your camera roll
  • Select some photos
  • Choose Add to album from the list of actions
  • Choose an existing album or create a new one

Embed your album

  • Go to the album
  • Click the share (arrow) icon
  • Choose the embed option
  • Copy the embed code
  • Go to your website and choose a page
  • Add an Embed block to the page
  • Paste in the embed code

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