Understand unpaid invoices

An unpaid invoice reflects the fact that a person owes you money. As an administrator, you need to understand and manage these invoices to make sure the correct payments are collected. You can go to Reports > Unpaid invoices at any time to view a list of all your unpaid invoices and take action on them.

  • If an invoice has been paid via one of the built-in payment gateways it will automatically be marked as paid
  • If an invoice has been paid via some other method you will need to mark it as paid
  • If an invoice has not been paid and you don't think it ever will then it's best to cancel it

Paying by Direct Debit or card

If a member has an existing unpaid invoice and then adds a recurring payment method (Direct Debit or Credit/debit card) the system will automatically update the payment method on their subscription and all future invoices will be collected via that method.

Payment will be collected for any existing unpaid invoices if the payment method is Direct Debit. This is NOT the case if the payment method is a Credit/Debit card. So, before a person sets up a new Direct Debit it's worth checking that you do actually want to collect payment for existing unpaid invoices. If not you can simply cancel the invoices before the new Direct Debit is set up.

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