Manage the organisation name field

Whenever you choose to display the Organisation name field on a form you allow organisation contact records to be created in the database whenever these forms are submitted by end-users. If you don't use this option carefully it can cause lots of organisation contacts to be created that serve little purpose.

It might be that you don't really need to know the exact name of an organisation. It might serve your needs better to create a custom field with a dropdown list of types of organisations that the user can choose from.

By default, the organisation name field on forms offers suggestions to the end user as they type. It prompts the user to select the name of an organisation that is already in your contact database that matches what they have typed. This dramatically helps reduce the number of duplicate organisations that are created.

If, for some reason, you need to keep the names of organisation contacts private this feature can be disabled. Please contact our support team for help with this.

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