Identify low-value contacts

It is a good idea to review your contact database from time to time to see which contacts are engaged.

You can identify disengaged or low-value contacts and either send them a broadcast to try and re-engage them or simply delete them.

There are a few conditions you can combine together in a segment to create a list of low-value contacts. Here are some examples of conditions you can use.

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Membership plan IS NOT Any

Contacts that do not have a membership subscription at all.

Communication type IS NOT Any

Contacts that have opted not to hear from you at all. (you obviously can't send a re-engagement broadcast to these contacts).

Account status IS NOT Any

Contacts that have not registered a user account on the website.

Group IS NOT Any

Contacts that have not been added to any group by an administrator.

A combination of some or all of these conditions may be enough for you to deem contacts as low-value and you can then take action based on this.

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