Add Shopify Lite to your existing website

One of the best ways to sell products on your White Fuse site is to create a Shopify Lite account for $9/m and embed your products right on your website. Most of the advertised Shopify plans come with a complete e-commerce website which you don't need if you already have a website.

Create a Shopify Lite account

The Shopify user interface can feel a bit overwhelming to begin with and there are lots of features that you probably won't need. The tips in this article will help you get set up with a basic implementation so you can embed products on your website.

Go to the Shopify Lite page and get started with a free trial. You'll need to step through a few questions before you're into your account. Once you're in there is a long list of suggestions and prompts for how to get started. Feel free to ignore these for now.

Create a collection

The best way to embed products on your website is to first create a collection. Then you can get the embed code for that collection and it will display all the products in that collection at once.

  • In the sidebar go to Products > Collections and click the Create collection button.
  • Give it a title, for example, 'Website shop page' and a description if you wish.
  • Under Collection type, it's usually best to select Manual but you can decide.
  • Click Save.

Create a product

Now create a product and add it to the collection you made.

  • In the admin sidebar in Shopify go to Products > All products and click the Add product button.
  • Add title, description, image and price.
  • Add a quantity greater than zero.
  • Explore the inventory, shipping and variants settings if you wish but you can come back to these later.
  • In the right-hand panel set the product status to Active.
  • Also in the right-hand panel go to Organisation > Collections and choose your collection.
  • Click Save at the top or bottom of the page.

Embed the collection on your website

To embed your collection of products on your website you first need to have a page ready. So if you don't already have one create a page for your shop on your website.

  • In the left-hand admin panel in Shopify go to Sales channels > Buy button. (If you don't see this click the + icon or enter the Shopify App Store to add a sales channel).
  • Click Create a Buy button (this step works in chrome but can be temperamental in other browsers)
  • Click Collection buy button.
  • Choose your collection and click Select.
  • You can use the left-hand panel to customise how things will look once embedded on your site. You might like to change the colour of the buttons to match the colours of your site.
  • Click Next in the top right.
  • Click Copy code.

Now you need to embed this code on your website page.

  • Go to the page on your website where you would like the products.
  • Choose Add > Embed from the contextual toolbar.
  • Paste the embed code.
  • Click Save.

You should see your collection of products on the page.

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