Upgrade your Stripe integration to support SCA and recurring card billing

Why upgrade?

The White Fuse Stripe integration has been rebuilt to support Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and the new recurring card billing feature. 

What is SCA?

SCA is designed to make online transactions more secure by asking people to confirm their identity usually using their phone. SCA is already being rolled out by some banks and is expected to be fully enforced in the UK by March 2021. To support these requirements you will need to upgrade your White Fuse account to use the new Stripe integration.

What is recurring card billing?

White Fuse already supports recurring billing by Direct Debit. Once you upgrade your Stripe integration you will be able to offer recurring card payment for both membership subscriptions and donations. This is particularly valuable for people living outside of the UK. 

How to upgrade

Note that all transactions processed using the new Stripe integration are subject to a 1% platform fee charged by White Fuse in addition to Stripe's own transaction fees. 

  1. Log in to your White Fuse account
  2. Go to Settings > Payments in the toolbar
  3. Click the Stripe feature

You will see a new button to Connect Stripe account. Clicking this button starts the process of connecting to Stripe in a different way. Once complete, this will override the previous integration.

4. Click Connect Stripe account

This will take you to connect.stripe.com and present you with a window explaining that White Fuse would like to connect to your Stripe account.

5. Sign in to Stripe

If you are already signed in to Stripe you can skip this step. If you're not signed in you will see a page tailored towards people setting up a new Stripe account. If you already have an account click  Sign in in the upper right-hand corner.

6. Click Connect my Stripe account

Once signed in you will see a simplified version of the previous page with two buttons. Click Connect my Stripe account to confirm.

7. Confirm the integration

You will be routed back to your White Fuse Settings > Payments page and you will see a notice confirming that your Stripe account has been connected. You can check this by clicking the Stripe feature. You should now see your Stripe account ID instead of the public and secret keys that were there before.

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