Add a gift aid declaration to a form

This article explains how to add a gift aid declaration to a form and how this information is stored against contacts and payments. 

Donation forms

On donation forms, a gift aid option is always shown. 

Membership plans

On a membership joining form, the gift aid option is only shown if Qualifies for gift aid is selected on the plan settings page in Settings > Membership plans

Tracking gift aid status

If a contact makes a gift aid declaration on a form, this setting is applied to their contact record and will determine the status of all subsequent donations or qualifying membership subscriptions until the gift aid status on the contact record is changed.  

Changing gift aid status

The gift aid status of a contact can be changed by the contact in My account > Contact details or by an administrator editing the contact details on the contact record. The new setting will determine the status of subsequent donations or qualifying membership subscriptions. 

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