Design your donate page

How donate forms work

Before planning the layout for your donate page, first understand how donate forms work. You can link to a specific donate form from any page on your website or from anywhere else on the web. See the related articles at the bottom of this page for more details on how to do this.

This means that you needn't necessarily have just one 'Donate' page on your website. You can link directly to donate forms from pages such a fundraising campaign page or an event page. Doing so cuts out a step in the donation process.

Designing your donate page

Nevertheless, if you want to take donations through your website it is helpful to have a donate page that is accessible from the main menu and provides a brief overview of why and how people should donate.

What to include

You should consider including the following on the donate page itself:

  • A key message explaining why you need funding that encourages donations
  • Some social proof or a testimonial from a donor
  • Example amounts that could be given
  • A small number of ways to give
  • Prioritisation of your preferred method (eg. monthly Direct Debit)

Keep focused

In most cases, it's best not to link away to too many other pages. If someone has reached your donate page, you should focus on this action.  However, you may still want to link to the following:

  • Where your money goes
  • Financial accounts
  • Other ways to give (such as fundraise for us, leave a legacy or volunteer time)


The following example shows some of this guidance in practice. To format your donate page like this you may need to experiment with editing the HTML of the page to create the right layout. The related articles below give details on how to do this.

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