Membership renewal reminder emails

Enable renewal reminders

To enable renewal reminders:

  • Go to Settings > Membership plans
  • Choose the plan for which you would like to enable renewal reminders
  • Edit the plan
  • Select Send email reminders 14 days before the renewal date
  • Update the plan

Repeat this for every plan for which you would like to enable this feature.

NOTE: Renewal reminders are only sent to contacts with subscriptions with a yearly frequency. They are not sent to contacts on free membership plans.

What's included in a renewal reminder?

Email renewal reminders include the following:

  • A summary of the subscription to which the reminder relates
  • A link to set up a Direct Debit (if the contact does not already have one)
  • Manual payment instructions (if the subscription is set up to be paid manually)

Here is an example a renewal reminder email for someone who hasn't yet set up a Direct. Content in square brackets will be automatically populated for each contact.

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