Manage website URL paths

You can edit the URL of any website page or redirect a URL to a specific page.

Editing the URL of a page

Every page of your website has a unique URL or web address. This URL is displayed in the browser when viewing the page. It is automatically generated when you first create the page but you can change it later.

To change the URL of a page:

  • Go to the page
  • Click Settings in the contextual toolbar
  • Edit the URL path
  • Save the page

Creating a URL redirect

You can also create a short URL that redirects to an existing page on your website. These can help when sharing links in printed material or redirecting old URLs you have shared in the past.

  • Go to Website > Redirects in the admin toolbar.
  • In the Path field, add the URL you want to publicise (eg. 'news')
  • In the Destination field, choose the page from the dropdown list to which you want the URL to direct.

Please note that when creating a redirect you should:

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