Create website content

Create new website content using the  + option in the top right of the admin toolbar. 

This article explains the types of website content you can create. 

Types of website content

Type Summary Ordering Categories Promoted
Pages Pages that make up the core structure of your website. Manually ordered in the menu No -
Posts Dated pieces of content typically used within a 'blog' or 'news' section. Most recent first Yes Latest 4
Events Event information and tools to manage online booking. Upcoming first Yes Next chosen 1
Resources Resources like long-form articles, PDFs or videos. Most recent first or alphabetical Yes Up to chosen 3
Lists Posts, events, resources and stories each have their own pre-generated list page. You can't add or delete list pages but you can remove them from the menu.  Manually ordered in the menu
No -

Here's how to understand the information in the table:

  • Ordering: how are the individual items sorted?
  • Categories: can this content have categories applied?
  • Promoted: how can this content be promoted to the homepage?
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