Create a user account

Creating a user account will allow a user to manage their contact profile. If the user is a member it will also allow them to access member-only content.

Ask someone to create an account (recommended)

Users can sign up for their own account by going to:


Users will be asked for name, email and password and be prompted to verify their email address by clicking on a link that is emailed to them.

If the person already has a contact record they must use the same email address when registering in order for the account to connect with the contact record.

Create an account on someone's behalf

  1. If the person already has a contact record, find and open it from Contacts > People
  2. If the person does not have a contact record, create a new one
  3. On the contact record, click create user account
  4. Select an existing email address or add a new one. If only one email address exists, this will be preselected
  5. Add a secure password (try using
  6. The user can now login from the 'Log in' link that will be positioned in the header or the footer of all web pages. Either send the new password to the user or ask them to reset the password associated with their email address using the 'reset password' link on the login page.

Creating an account after becoming a member

After someone joins as a new member you may want them to also create a user account in order to access member-only content on your website. You can use either method above for this but note that the email address for the user account must be the same as the email address for the membership subscription in order that both are associated with the same contact record in the database.

If you invite someone to create an account by themselves, make sure you let them know that they have to use the same email address.

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