Put text inside a box

Adding boxes to your website

Sometimes you may want to feature some text by placing it inside a box to give it emphasis. There is a built-in class that you can use for this. To add a box you need to:

  1. Edit the page onto which you want to add a box.
  2. Toggle the text editor into HTML mode.
  3. Find the place where you want to add your box and enter the following code:
<div class="box"><p>Your text goes here</p></div>

You can place any other content you wish inside a box. Once the code has been inserted you can toggle back out of HTML mode and work with the text editor toolbar to add more content inside your box. You can add headings, links, buttons, images, tables or even embed videos.

Styling boxes

By default the box has a light grey background and a medium grey border. You can Apply a colour to all boxes. The available colours are derived from your present colours to keep everything on brand and accessible.

  1. Go to Settings > Theme > Content
  2. Choose a colour to be applied to all boxes
  3. Save your theme settings

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