Make website content narrower

Narrower body content

Sometimes it can be helpful to make the body area of a website page narrower to make text more easily readable. For example you may want to:

  • Have a narrow and centred paragraph of text on your home page.
  • Make your privacy policy page narrower for easier reading.
  • Have bit more control when designing section overview pages.

How to make the body area narrower

To make any section of the page narrower follow these steps:

  1. Edit the page onto which you want to add panels.
  2. Toggle the text editor into HTML mode.
  3. Find the section that you want to make narrower.
  4. Copy and paste the following example code:
<section class="narrow">
<p>Your content goes here</p>

How to make the narrow section centred

To make the narrow section also centred on the page you can copy the following code instead of the above code:

<section class="narrow center">
<p>Your content goes here</p>

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