How to use signposts

Signposts are used to guide users to a different page on your website. Signposts are great for consistently and easily promoting important action pages like 'donate'. 

Create a signpost

  • Go to Website > Signposts in the toolbar
  • Create new signpost
  • Add a title and body text to your signpost. Make it something people will want to click on
  • Choose a destination page from the dropdown list. You need to create the destination page before you can create a signpost
  • Click Save

Editing a signpost

  • Go to Website > Signposts in the toolbar
  • Click on the signpost you want to edit
  • Make your changes and click Save
Note: The changes you make will take effect on ALL instances of this signpost that are already on your website.

Adding signposts to pages

  • Go to the page you want to edit
  • Click Signposts on the on-page toolbar
  • Select all the signposts you want to add to your page
  • Click Done
Note: Signpost placement takes immediate effect. Signposts are placed on the page in the order in which you add them. You can't add signposts to list pages.

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