Create signposts

Create signposts to guide users to important pages on your website.

Create a signpost

  • Go to Website > Signposts
  • Click Create new signpost
  • Add a title and body text to your signpost. 
  • Choose a destination page from the dropdown list. (Make sure the destination page already exists)
  • Click Create

Edit a signpost

  • Go to Website > Signposts
  • Select the signpost you wish to edit
  • Make changes
  • Click Save
Note: If you edit a signpost the changes are applied to all instances of the signpost across your entire website.

Placing signposts on pages

  • Go to the page
  • Select Add block > Signpost in the contextual toolbar
  • Click on the signpost block you added and select up to three signposts to add
  • Click Save

Video overview

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