Add a video to the page body

Embedding video on your website

  1. Upload your video to either Youtube, Vimeo or another video hosting service.
  2. Go to the page on which you would like to embed the video.
  3. Choose Add > Embed from the contextual toolbar.
  4. Paste in your embed code.
  5. Click Save

Resizing a video

To resize a video you should resize the iframe in which the video is contained. Find the section of code that specifies the iframe's pixel dimensions. It will look something like this:

<iframe ... width="600" height="350"

Simply update the width and height values as needed.

Wrapping text around the video

You can align the video to either the left or the right so that your text will wrap around the video. To do this you need to add  align="left" or align="right" to the start of the iFrame that your video sits in like this:

<iframe align="right"...

Centring the video

Third-party content is often embedded using an iframe. You can add or edit the style attributes of the iframe directly but sometimes it can be tricky to know exactly what to do to get things to look the way you want. One tip that always works is to add a <section> tag around the iframe like this:

<section class="narrow center">
    <iframe> ... </iframe>

This will enclose the entire iframe in a section with attributes you can control.

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